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IT Infrastructure Solutions

The NetStor Engineering and Architecture area has ample knowledge in designing and integrating IT infrastructure solutions in mission critical, high availability and high performance environments.

With proven experience and certifications in solutions for the main IT hardware and software platforms, NetStor has distinguished itself in technical and executive customer service, with a consulting orientation and focus on storage, availability, protection and information security solutions.

• Data Storage Systems: Your company’s success is directly related to how you use, store, provide and protect your business information. Having an adequate data storage infrastructure for your company’s business needs is fundamental for rapid, continuous and sustainable growth.

• High Availability: In a globalized world, time is a determining competitive factor for your company’s success. To invest in high availability IT systems is to avoid unplanned interruptions and to have an infrastructure that is prepared for periodic maintenance without any impact on business applications.

• Business Continuity: All business activity is subject to risk. In order to reduce operational risk and maintain company business, NetStor offers solutions with RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) that fit your needs.

• Data Protection: The growing volume of data in IT environments and the current business dynamic impose an ever-growing challenge on companies. Furthermore, corporate governance and the demands of several regulatory entities (SOX, HIPAA, PCI) make safeguarding and protecting daily IT operations even more difficult to achieve.

• Optimization of IT Infrastructure: Being more efficient has become a necessity for survival in the business world. It is possible to cut operational costs in the IT environment by integrating NetStor’s innovative solutions.

• Capacity and Performance Management: Efficient capacity and performance management avoids impact on response time and on availability of company business applications, and, when performed with the proper tools, immediately points to the faulty component and where to focus the analysis.